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Becoming a HGV/LGV driver

Your roadmap to becoming a fully qualified HGV/LGV Driver

At KJC Driver Training we will be with you every step of the way from applying for your HGV/LGV provisional entitlement through to completing your practical Driver Training.

This process can seem a little daunting and confusing but with our support it can be done quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal of getting on the road to your new career.

What do I need to do?

In order to become a fully qualified HGV/LGV driver you’ll need to complete the following steps (see below for more info on each stage):

  • Complete a DVLA Drivers Medical
  • Apply for your HGV/LGV provisional entitlement
  • Take and pass the DVSA LGV Multiple Choice Theory & Hazard Perception Tests
  • Complete your LGV Driver Training and pass the DVSA Parts 3a & 3b Practical Tests

If you intend to drive for a living you will also need to complete the Initial Driver CPC which consists of:

  • Taking and passing the DVSA Module 2 Case Studies Test
  • Complete your Module 4 CPC Practical Demonstration Test training and pass the Module 4 CPC Test

Do you offer a package to do all of this for me?

In a word, No…

Many companies will offer an ‘all inclusive’ package where they manage your medical and theory bookings for you. They’ll also charge you a premium rate for doing so.

Your medical, theory, hazard perception and CPC case studies tests should cost you no more than £115:00. Most ‘all inclusive’ packages will cost around £200:00 more than a standard training course.

At KJC Driver Training we feel this is a waste of your money…

By managing your own medical and theory appointments you can take them at a time that’s convenient for you.

We will of course be on hand to help guide you through the process. We will also provide access to some of the best online training materials available to help you along the way.

Below is a step by step guide to what you need to do:

Booking your DVLA Drivers Medical:

Drivers MedicalWe recommend taking your DVLA Drivers Medical through an independent specialist medical provider. You can have your medical at your local GP surgery however it will cost almost double that of a specialist provider.

Two companies we have dealt with in the past are:

Prior to attending your medical you’ll need to obtain a D2 Provisional Application form and a D4 Drivers Medical Form. These can be ordered from https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms

Alternatively you can pick up a D2 Form from your local Post Office and download & print the D4 Medical form HERE

As soon as you have your completed D4 send this off to the DVLA along with your D2 and your Driving License. You should receive your updated license back within around 3 weeks although this can take longer.

Taking The DVSA Theory & Hazard Perception Tests

The first and most important thing to say here is ‘Don’t underestimate the knowledge required to pass your LGV Multiple Choice Theory Test’. We have experience of many drivers who thought they knew it all yet still managed to fail their test…

There are literally hundreds of paid app subscriptions available to help you study for your Theory & Hazard Perception Tests.

We can provide access to Theory Test Pro for Free which is sufficient for most drivers to pass their tests with no issues.

As soon as you have your updated license back from the DVLA you can book your Multiple Choice Theory, Hazard Perception and Module 2 Case Studies Tests.

These can be booked at https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

Once you have a date booked for your HGV/LGV Theory & Hazard Perception Tests contact us HERE so we can schedule in your Practical Driver Training


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