Class 1 Driver Training Swindon

Class 1 HGV Driver Training

Do you want to add Class 1 to your existing Class 2 license?

We can arrange that for you…

Although I don’t offer Class 1 training myself I am lucky enough to work alongside two training providers who are able to achieve this goal for you.

Your Category C+E Training can be completed on a one to one or two to one basis.

  • The one to one course is based on 4 days training with the Part 3b test on day 4.
  • The two to one course is based on 5 days with the Part 3b test on the 5th day.

During the course, your trainer will cover all aspects of the DVSA Part 3 Practical test including:

  • A driving assessment.
  • Corrective training to address issues identified within your assessment drive.
  • The dynamic differences of driving an articulated vehicle including the effects of speed, loading & weather conditions
  • Introduction to the DVSA reversing exercise.
  • Procedures for uncoupling & recoupling the tractor and trailer unit.
  • Vehicle and Driver legislation.
  • Vehicle safety questions.
  • A full breakdown of what will be expected from you during the DVSA Practical test.

During the training, you will cover a wide variety of road types and conditions which will prepare you fully for your new career as an LGV driver.

Do I need to hold a Class 2 license before I go for my Class 1?

In November 2021 the rules changed for LGV licenses meaning you can go straight from driving a car into a class 1 LGV.

Although this might sound a great idea as it means you don’t need to hold a Class 2 license first I would still strongly recommend you consider taking training and a test in the Class 2 first.

The skills required to drive a Class 1 LGV are vastly different to those required when driving a car. The knowledge, skills and experience you will gain throughout your Class 2 Driver Training will be a huge benefit when it comes to taking your Class 1.

There is also a minimal cost difference between taking a Class 2 followed by Class 1 than heading straight into the Class 1…

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