Fleet and Corporate Training

fleetDo you operate or manage a fleet of company drivers?

KJC Trailer Training specialises in providing a range of risk assessment and reduction solutions.

As the owner or operator of a fleet of company drivers you have a duty of care to ensure the health, safety and well-being of your drivers and the public they come into contact with are looked after. Our fleet training solutions will help you to achieve your responsibilities in these areas.

It’s widely recognised that drivers learn and develop best while driving. Our on road courses are designed to do just that.

We will help to develop your drivers skills to help keep them safe while reducing your fuel and maintenance bills.

Our one day courses our designed to highlight your drivers awareness to both occupational road risks and fuel efficient driving techniques.

Completed on a 2:1 ratio our trainers will start with a driver assessment to identify areas where your drivers could improve before working with them to develop their skills.

One of the main concerns drivers express when undergoing any form of driver training is that they do not want to be taught to ‘suck eggs’. We will use a friendly, client centered learning approach to help your drivers understand how their driving can be improved without making them feel as though they are being taught to drive again. Our trainers are professional drivers themselves and undergo regular training to improve their own driving so we know how it feels if the training is mundane or boring…

Upon completion of the training your drivers will receive detailed feedback on how they have performed and any ongoing improvements they could make to further develop their skills. in addition we will provide you, the employer, with a written Road Risk Assessment Report detailing our initial findings, the training the drivers have received and any ongoing recommendations. These written reports could help you to reduce your ongoing insurance costs.