LGV/PCV Module 4 CPC

This test is designed to assess your knowledge behind using the vehicle in a realistic working environment. It has been designed by the industry not by driving instructors or driving examiners.

Our Module 4 CPC Training is a half day of training. During this time we will cover all of the main topic areas included within the test.

These include:

  • Loading the vehicle
  • Security of vehicle and contents
  • Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants
  • Assess emergency situations
  • Ability to prevent physical risk

Once the training is complete you’ll attend your Module 4 CPC test.

The CPC Module 4 test will take around 30 minutes to complete. During the test you will be asked 5 questions about potential real-life situations you could face in your working life.

Your examiner will expect you to explain how you would deal with a number of different scenarios based on the LGV/PCV CPC syllabus, they will also require you to demonstrate these actions in practice where possible.

In order to pass, you will need an overall pass mark of 80% and at least 75% for each area you are tested on.

The Module 4 CPC Test for LGV and PCV are separate tests.


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