B&E (Car and Trailer) Training

Are you looking to tow your first large trailer or caravan?

You may no longer need to take a test to able to tow but have you towed anything this big before?

Towing a trailer or caravan for the first time can be daunting and many drivers feel a great sense of trepidation when they hook up to a trailer or caravan and head out onto the road for the first time – not to mention the expectation placed on them the first time they need to reverse it…!!

  • What do I need to do before I tow?
  • How much room do I need?
  • How will other drivers respond to me? 
  • What will it feel like to pull the weight?

By taking an Introduction to Towing Course with me we will address many of these common concerns and equip you with the skills and confidence you require to get you on the road safely.

Details of my Introduction to Towing course are as follows;

Introduction to Towing Course Content:

  • Introduction to all of the vital safety checks to ensure both the vehicle & trailer/caravan are legal and roadworthy.
  • The legal restrictions in relation to speed limits, towing capacity and load weights.
  • Key safety advice and information for safe loading, load distribution and load security.
  • Safe procedures for coupling and uncoupling the trailer/caravan and the common errors.
  • On road driving skills to include:
    • Reduced visibility and increased blind-spots including where the use of external mirrors are required,
    • The dynamic effects of speed, load and weather conditions when towing,
    • Driver awareness including concentration, observation, anticipation and the creation of additional time & space,
    • Reading the road and the hazards caused by other drivers behaviour,
  • Practical reversing skills to include:
    • Reversing in a straight line,
    • Reversing around a nearside obstruction,
    • Reversing around a blindside obstruction.

Please contact me HERE for more details or my latest course availability.